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We use Go iLawn because we want to validate properties before we go and meet prospects and customers. This gives us an opportunity to take a look at what he property looks like and we can then talk intelligently to prospects as the conversation goes on. Great product and I appreciate the relationship with the company.
Paul Wolbert, US Lawns

Go iLawn has saved our business family thousands of dollars in travel expenses. The ability to send customers overhead images of their property with measurements has helped us win over $250,000 of new business.
David Fairburn, Northpoint Holdings

Pacific Landscape MgmtGo iLawn has been an invaluable tool for our sales and operations teams. Not only does it allow us to more quickly and accurately measure prospective properties, it has become a great mapping tool for operations once a job is sold. We denote all kinds of information about the site including recommended mower size for each lawn as well as controller and POC location.
Bob Grover, Pacific Landscape Management
It’s the only way to go, I don’t want to many in my industry to know about it because I want to keep it to myself. You save so much time and money. Most important is I weed out the tire kickers and deal only with the serious buyers.
Rick Lupino, Suburban Windows and Siding

It takes me less than 2 minutes to measure and produce an estimate with Go iLawn. By the time I travel to and from and estimate to hand measure, it takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes. Out of the 117 estimates I did online, I figure this saved me roughly 45 hours in time. For cost purposes, this would be about $1,500 in time and vehicle costs.
Blake Moore, Ferta-Lawn of Northern Utah

At LawnLab we believe that the Go iLawn application is one of the greatest technological advancements in the lawn care industry in over 10 years. For 2009 we used this capability to re-measure every lawn in our customer base…WHAT AN EYE OPENER! These new measurements determined that we had underbid a number of our lawns by 10-15%, some rare cases 20%. We can now bid a lawn to exact specifications…this saves my techs and sales people valuable travel time and has lowered our acquisition cost per new sale. It has also enabled us to take our inside sales group to the next level. Most of all, the Go iLawn application has enabled LawnLab to know precisely how much product to purchase from our vendors for their early order programs. Product Savings + Efficiency + Accurate Sales = Go iLawn
Lamar Carter, Lawn Lab

What took hours of time and gallons of gas, now takes minutes, and no gas, and on top of everything, is more accurate.
Joe Tekulve, Paramount Landscaping

As the owner of this company I must wear many hats from estimating, to working the jobs and time is never on my side. When I first received an e-mail from I sent them to the recycle bin as I do all ads. One day after snow plowing one long storm, I again received an e-mail from but this time I opened it to unsubscribe. I began my journey here…I took their free promo. I looked up a client very special to me and the overhead photo was perfect. I played with this program for hours. I have made more money with this program in the last week then I have in months. If you don’t have this program look out, I’m taking your business.
Michael Murphy, Greenest Thumbs, Inc.

Dear Time Saving Gods,

So I get a call for a estimate on seal coating a driveway at 8:10 am, looked up the address on Go iLawn, emailed them a price, 9:03 am received a email from customer to go ahead with the work. Does it get any better than that? Thanks for a great product!

Craig Currier, Curriers

Go iLawn has been an integral part of the estimating and design components of my business. It has helped me close more sales and saved me money in the process. I do not know how I got along without Go iLawn before. Thanks for ‘building a better mouse trap’. Your service and staff are the BEST! Keep up the great work.
Gary Krause, Gary Krause Landscaping

Go iLawn is a great tool in our estimating process. By using Go iLawn, we are able to calculate accurate square footage faster and store images for future reference. I recommend this impressive tool to anyone who wants to improve estimating accuracy and better communicate property information.
Dan Haught, Masterscapes Inc.