Property Measurement Solutions for Landscape, Paving and Snow Removal Contractors

Go iLawn is the green industry’s go-to resource for online property measurement needs. Thousands of contractors across the country are using Go iLawn to measure, bid and win more sales. High resolution property photos and point-and-click measuring tools allow you to create accurate proposals faster and better than ever before. Read through our solutions pages and glance through our user photo gallery to see how your peers are using Go iLawn to get ahead.

Solutions for Landscapers

Landscape Property Measurement That Pays For Itself 

Commercial Landscape Diagram Gardens of Babylon

Over 1 Million Sq. Feet Measured on this Commercial Property By Gardens of Babylon, Nashville, TN

  • Measure properties anytime, anywhere regardless of weather conditions or time of day. Anyone at the office can use this amazing tool to measure any outdoor surface of a property.
  • Quickly quantify materials and equipment needed to get the job done. Not only can you measure square footage of turf, beds, parking lots etc., you can calculate how much mulch you need with Go iLawn’s volume calculator.
  • Boost job site efficiency and performance with detailed Go iLawn site maps. Distribute color-coded site maps to office staff, customer and crew, and everyone is literally on the same page.

Solutions for Snow & Ice Removal

Snow & Ice Services Diagram

Commercial snow and ice services diagram.
Environmental Management, Inc., Columbus, OH

  •  Accurately measure odd shaped lots and large jobs like HOA’s in half the time it takes to measure the traditional way.
  •  Use these measurements to help you estimate the amount of deicing materials needed to properly clear walks, streets and lots.
  •  Plan for event management by identifying obstacles, storm water drains, lot entrances and handicap stalls with high resolution property photos.
  •  Produce site diagrams for property managers, office staff, crews and subcontractors with detailed information such as where the snow will be piled, what equipment will be used and when the property will be serviced.

Solutions for Pavement Maintenance

Pavement Repair, Sealcoating & Milling Diagram Associated Paving Contractors, Warminster, PA

Pavement Repair, Sealcoating & Milling Diagram
Associated Paving Contractors, Warminster, PA

Pull More Profit From Your Pavement Business 

  • Powerful tools help you easily measure the hard-to-measure. Asymmetrical boundaries? No problem! Go iLawn’s point and click tool set allows you to measure parking lots and roads of all shapes and sizes. Plus, you can edit completed measurements to be a precise as possible.
  • Need to draw a 10’ line? Done. Real-time measuring tools display measurement results in the application while the tools are in use, making it easy to accurately measure and draw line striping, pavement patches and pavement repairs.
  • Property photos double as an awe inducing sales tool. When it’s all said and done you can print a labeled site diagram with color-coded job execution strategy on a high resolution photo to impress your customers and guide your crews

Solutions for Landscape, Paving and Snow Removal Proposals

Use Proposal Builder With or Without the Property Measuring To

Use Proposal Builder With or Without the Property Measuring Tools

Take Your Measurements to the Next Level

  • Quickly assign equipment and materials to your Go iLawn measurements with our lawn and snow proposal builders to produce accurate pricing for your landscaping and snow removal proposals.
  • Standardize the proposal process at your company by creating proposal templates that everyone at the office (from administrator to head estimator) can use.
  • Generate a professional proposal document with property photos, site diagrams and scope of work details in minutes.

Commercial snow and landscape services, Monello Landscapes

Landscape & Snow Removal Services
Monello Landscapes, Wayne, NJ

Seeing is Believing

Our Users Show You How They Win With Go iLawn

  • A picture says a thousand words. Browse our user photo gallery to see how Go iLawn users (actual contractors) are using Go iLawn to measure properties and win sales.
  • Need hands-on experience? Try the Go iLawn Tools in our demo test drive area where a practice property is ready and waiting for you to measure it.
  • Ready to get started? Our $40 trial package is a great way to get familiar with Go iLawn. Get started now with a trial.