Streamline your Snow Business

From measuring parking lots and sidewalks, to identifying lot obstacles and more, Go iLawn helps you clearly communicate your professional snow removal strategy to customers, subcontractors and crews.

Turn Property Measurement Liabilities into Assets

Snow & Ice Services Diagram

Snow and Ice Service Diagram
Environmental Management, Columbus, OH

Time and travel costs for onsite property measurement keep increasing. Go iLawn turns these losses into gains by removing inefficiencies from the measuring process.

With Go iLawn:

  • Anyone on your staff (from administrator to head estimator) can execute professional property measurement on any property in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Dramatically reduce drive time (labor), wear and tear on vehicles and fuel costs associated with property measurement.
  • Site visits are transformed into value-added inspections that impress your prospects and build your competitive sales advantage.

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Go iLawn Gives you the Right Tools for the Job

Commercial property measured for snow removal

Commercial Snow & Ice Services

Go iLawn combines property photos and measuring tools in one easy-to-use application. Go iLawn users can measure parking lots and sidewalks, locate and mark building entrances, identify lot obstacles and more. Need to measure a property during a snow event? No problem, our photos will show you bare pavement you can’t see during an event.

  • With Go iLawn you can quickly and accurately measure:
  • Parking lot and sidewalk square footage
  • Linear Distance
  • Change in elevation and slope
  • Count parking stalls, speed bumps, light poles, building entrances, drains etc.
  • Identify & label parking lot obstacles

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Quickly Determine Product and Equipment Needs

Commercial Snow & Landscape Services

Commercial Snow & Landscaping Services
Monello Landscapes, Wayne, NJ

Have you ever overestimated or, even worse, underestimated the amount of materials needed for a job? Know exactly how much product, how many crew members, and what equipment you need to get the job done.

  • Determine the correct amount of salt, sand or liquid deicer needed for effective deicing
  • Define what pieces of equipment will be needed and will be operable at any location (will you use a shovel or snow blower, bobcat or truck, plow or skid loader?)
  • Identify parking lot obstacles and possible hazards
  • Isolate snow pile placement on property

Works for All Property Types

Commercial Snow Services Diagram

Label parking lot obstacles, where snow will be placed, what areas will be serviced first etc.

Go iLawn offers 100% coverage of the U.S. and Canada. View any size property on the site. Your reach is endless:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Home Owners Assocations
  • Golf Courses
  • Military Bases
  • Airports

Go iLawn Helps You Turn Your Measurements into Bids Fast

Commercial Parking Lot Measured for Snow Removal Environmental Management, Columbus, OH

Commercial Parking Lot Measured for Snow Removal
Environmental Management, Columbus, OH

Measuring on Go iLawn lets you turn your estimate around faster. It helps you measure more properties so you can bid more jobs and win more sales. Instead of wasting time driving across town from one property to the next, you’ll have more time to impress your prospects with speedy responses and fast bid turnarounds.

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Go iLawn is Integrated with Smart Business Tools you Already Use

Show Your Customer Exactly How You Will Execute Your Snow Removal Strategy

Show Your Customer Exactly How You Will Execute Your Snow Removal Strategy

Do you use Microsoft Excel? With a click of a button, your Go iLawn measurements export to an Excel spreadsheet. Save a comprehensive record of all Go iLawn property measurements and objects counted (such as trees) to your computer.

Users can group Go iLawn measurements by surface type, such as sidewalks and parking lots, with the Go iLawn measurement grouping feature and spreadsheet will be organized and subtotaled accordingly.

Go iLawn Site Diagrams Boost Job Site Efficiency and Performance

Commercial Landscape & Snow Services 4_SM Environmental Management

Commercial Landscape & Snow Removal Services
Environmental Management, Columbus, OH

Keep your crew clear, focused and efficient on the job. Use Go iLawn site maps to visually assign areas to employees and ensure the work is done right the first time. Print three copies… one for your property manager, operations manager and office staff. Now everyone is on the same page (literally) for what you and the customer have agreed upon.

Your Go iLawn site maps are also powerful customer service, sales and retention tools. Use them to show your customer exactly how you will service their property, who will be on site, and when you will execute their service.

Win More Sales

Commercial Pavement Services Diagram Espina Paving, Woodbridge, VA

Commercial Pavement Services Diagram
Espina Paving, Woodbridge, VA

Go iLawn pays for itself from the first time you use it. When you reduce the time and expense of onsite property measurement the savings flow to your bottom line. Plus, your resources are freed to focus on satisfying your customers – which generates more referrals.

Discover how Go iLawn can create a profit ripple effect throughout your business.

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Large HOA Measured for Pavement Maintenance Services Exterior Maintenance Services, Nashville, TN

Large HOA Measured for Pavement Maintenance Services
Exterior Maintenance Services,
Nashville, TN

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