Your Quick Start Guide to Online Property Measurement

Follow the five steps below to start measuring properties on Go iLawn. Don’t forget to check out the how-to videos page and recorded webinar to see all of these tips and more live.

Step One: Get Your Credentials!Usernames and passwords are emailed to you

Retrieve username and password from your email receipt and go to the sign in page. Enter your username and password on the sign in page, and  select login.

Step Two: Look up a PropertySearch for properties to measure for landscaping

Type in an address, business name or street intersection to start.We recommend using a mailing address with a ZIP code to locate your property.

For example, if the address for the property I would like to look up is 7157 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249 I would type the address in like this:

7157 E Kemper Rd (in the box on the left that calls for address or place name)

45249 (in the box on the right that calls for ZIP code or city and state)

To see this in action, visit the How-To Videos Page and watch the “Address Searching” video.

Step Three: Measure Property

There are several tools you can use to measure the property. All tools are located on the black tool strip on the left side of the measuring tools for landscaping

Choose the tool you would like to use and place your cursor in the photo where you would like to start your measurement.

Click once in the photo on your starting point and begin measuring.

If you are using the area tool, your goal is to trace the perimeter of the object you are measuring.

Double click with your mouse when you are finished tracing the perimeter of the object, and you will have a complete measurement with result on the left side of the screen.

Take as many measurements as you want!

To see this in action, visit the How-To Videos Page and watch the “Measuring Area” video.

Step Four: Save Your Info and Photos

When you have finished measuring your property, click “Save” in the top left corner of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear with your saving Save property photos and landscaping measurementschoices.

To Save Measurements: Select “Save” then “Spreadsheet”. Be sure your pop-up blocker is off. Open the spreadsheet and take a look, or save your spreadsheet to your computer. We recommend renaming your spreadsheet.

To Save Photos: Select “Save” then “Photo”. An image preview will pop-up. Select “Save Image” at the bottom of the image preview. Rename the photo with .jpg after the name. For example, if you are going to name your photo 123 Main Street, you would name it “123 Main Street.jpg”.

To see this in action, visit the How-To Videos Page and watch the “Save to Excel” and “Save & Print Photos” video.

Step Five: Do it all over again!

If you would like further instruction on how to get started, watch the “Quick Start” video on the How-To Videos Page!