Frequently Asked Questions

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Go iLawn Basics: What is Go iLawn, how does it work and how do I start?

What is Go iLawn?

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Go iLawn is an online property measuring service for green industry professionals. Go iLawn combines high resolution photographs, measuring tools and property information in one easy-to-use application. It allows you to obtain accurate measurements from the convenience of the office.

How does it work?

It’s pretty simple! First you enter an address, business name or street intersection to locate your property and Go iLawn will return a property photo to you. Then, with a few clicks of the mouse you can measure any outdoor surface on the property. Save all of your measurements to an Excel spreadsheet and property photos as jpeg files to your computer.

How can I get started?

You can subscribe to Go iLawn online or over the phone with a Go iLawn rep. We have pricing plans to fit any company’s needs. Visit the Pricing & Plans page to learn more, or call 800.270.6782 Monday-Friday between 8-5 EST. You can also send us an email:

Property Photos and Imagery: Why are the images so clear, how old are the photos, what is your coverage area?

Why are the images so clear?

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Espina Paving, Woodbridge, VA

Go iLawn uses high resolution aerial photography (taken from a plane) as well as premium satellite imagery. Aerial photos are clearer than a standard satellite photo because they are taken much closer to the earth with a high resolution camera lens. Plus, most of our aerial images are taken after the leaves have fallen off of the trees so tree canopies no longer obstruct your view of the surface you need to measure.

How old are the photos?

The age of the photos varies by county. Aerial photos are taken per county request. Contact us to find out the age of the photos in your area.

What is your coverage area?

We offer 100% coverage of the U.S. and Canada.

Go iLawn Tools and Features: What are some of the tools, what can I measure, can I save photos?

What are some of the tools? What can I measure?

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Measure any outdoor surface for any property type on Go iLawn with our measuring tools. The area tool and linear distance tool are among the most popular in the toolset. We have several tools to help you measure property features, such as tree rings, as well as annotation tools to help you call out property features or make important notes.

Can I save and print property measurements and photos?

Yes. Measurements are formatted to an Excel spreadsheet and photos save as jpeg files. You can also save a “workspace” to your computer, which is a Go iLawn file that retains your measurements so you can reload later to complete or modify property measurements.

What is a property report?

A property report consists of property specific information that may include: property owner, full mailing address, county, assessor’s parcel number, mail carrier route, subdivision and land use identifiers, phone number, lot and building size, and total assessed and taxable values. This information comes from county auditor records. Property reports can be saved to Excel.

*Property reports are currently available for properties located in the U.S only.

What is a neighborhood report?

A neighborhood report provides users with area demographics. Neighborhood reports are derived from U.S. census results, which group properties into ‘blocks’ of census respondents by FIPS code. Average household size, number of owner occupied and renter occupied homes, household income, net worth, disposable income, and tax value of the property are often included in a neighborhood information report. Average and a total spend for pets, maintenance, home improvement, and lawn may also be included.

Technical Information: Do I need to install software, what Internet browser works best with Go iLawn, Does Go iLawn provide customer support?

Do I need to install software?

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No. Go iLawn is web based and does not require any software installation. Go iLawn users have a username and password they can use to login with on any internet connected computer 24-hours-a-day.

What Internet browser works best with Go iLawn?

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Google Chrome are all supported browsers. Adobe Flash player 10 or higher is also required.

Can I use the service on a Mac or an iPad?

You can use Go iLawn on a Mac, but you must use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for your Internet browser. Currently, you cannot use Go iLawn on an iPad because the iPad is not compatible with Adobe flash.

Does Go iLawn provide customer support?

Yes. Contact the Go iLawn support team by email, phone or live chat (8 am-5 pm EST Monday-Friday). We also have a customer support center, how-to videos and a recorded tutorial that users can access for help with Go iLawn.

Account Information: How am I charged, what's included in a search, can multiple users access one account?

How am I charged?

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Color Coded Pavement Services Diagram
Associated Paving Contractors, Warminster, PA

You are charged when:

* An address is searched and an image of the property appears

* A workspace file (.lwn) is reloaded into Go iLawn.

* Four photo tiles are exceeded on an address search (a message will notify you once you exceed four photo tiles).

* Satellite tile allotment is exceeded. There is a tile counter on the satellite photos located in the center of your screen (a message will notify you once you exceed your satellite tile allotment).

Please Note: Go iLawn does not store your search history. Every time you look up a property you are charged for the search.

What is included in a search?

In addition to the overhead view, users can view photos of the north, south, east and west views of the property. Neighborhood photos, which are photos taken from a higher altitude are also available for users.

* North, south, east and west views are subject to availability based on geographic location

Can multiple users access one account?

Yes. Each user will have a username and password to access Go iLawn. Every Go iLawn account comes with one free user. Additional usernames require a onetime set up fee; however the trial package and annual licenses are always restricted to one username.